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  • Petra Postma

A non-profit project for Save A Galgo Espanol

As some of you know, a huge part of my heart and my time is spent on SAGE A non profit organization that aims to find homes and spreads awareness about the Spanish hunting dogs, the galgo Español and the podencos. Recently I started a photography project that hopefully will raise some funds for SAGE, a wall calendar for 2023. Something I have never done before but I am having a lot of fun finding locations and meeting up with the adopted galgos and their owners. This week I met up with Laura and Hugo, Laura and her husband adopted Hugo in July of this year And last week I met up with Aaron and Alison who adopted Dunia who came to the US on the same flight. And while the calendar pictures will have to remain a surprise, please meet Hugo and Dunia, 2 of the galgos who will star in the calendar.

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