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  • Petra Postma

The 2024 ISAP Image Competition

As an animal photographer, there are few opportunities as exiting as the annual ISAP Image Competition hosted by the International Society of Animal Photographers. This year marked my fourth consecutive participation in this event

Entering the ISAP Image Competition is not just about showcasing your work; it's a testament to your dedication, passion, and skills. With a trained jury evaluating submissions based on twelve elements, the competition is challenging. However, it's this very challenge that drives photographers like myself to push the boundaries of creativity and excellence.

For me, this year's competition was a journey of self-discovery and growth. My primary goal was to attain a consistent high level of quality in my work.

As I watched judging go on during the day, I have to admit that at times my confidence faded. But seven out of my eight entries were deemed worthy of merit—it showed that all those hours of hard work and trying to educate myself had worked out.

Participating in the ISAP Image Competition has been an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. It has challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone, hone my skills, and strive for excellence in every photo I take. But above all, it has reaffirmed my unwavering passion for pet photography and added to that my commitment to showcasing our rescued galgos and podencos.

Here's to the endless possibilities that lie ahead, to never stop learning more and to all the animals that are still needing to be captured through the lens of a passionate animal photographer.

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