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Or rather, Cuby. A former foster and fun girl, so when Mom and Dad asked if she could come stay for a bit when they were traveling, I said yes please. And when they wanted to combine that with an outdoor shoot, I could not refuse. Fall colors were still at their peak and I took her to Gettysburg on a weekday, hoping to be able to get some good shots. From her time with us, I knew she was an awesome poser and so we had some fall photo fun. At this moment I am still editing the shoot, but I can show this. Taken not far from the Irish Brigade Monument and according to the people we met at that spot, riddled with the ghosts of soldiers from battles long ago. Luckily Cuby wasn't bothered by them .

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  • Petra Postma

So far, most of the dogs I get in front of my camera are sighthounds. Which makes sense if you take in consideration the non profit rescue I am running also. But last week I finally got the chance to photograph Kozier, a corgi. Koozier belongs to Camille, a co-worker and we had planned to do a shoot for a long time, but finally last week it all worked out. 'Kooz' as we call him, had lots of fun during the shoot as did I, he is one of my best dog friends and it was great fun to work with a dog that you can actually position on a fallen tree without it falling off. Sighthound legs are just too long for that.

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Every year in October Dewey Beach welcomes a greyhound event called Greyhounds Reach the Beach and every year, friends of mine invite me to stay in the house they rent for the event for a few days. It is a wonderful way to get my beach fix, I love the beach, and spend time with friends and usually I bring one of my dogs. This year I decided to use the opportunity and do two shoots. Which meant that I was not going to bring any of my dogs since I was not sure how any of them would be doing being left alone. And so, I turned into the creepy lady asking strangers if I could photograph their dogs while walking on the board walk. And not just that, when checking on a possible location for pictures, I watched a wedding photographer doing her job in the spot that I had hoped to photograph also. Without her knowing, I got some great ideas from watching her. The shoots went well, what is not to love about pictures in those settings, right? But the picture I loved most from the weekend was not a dog, but a tiny little sparrow that decided to land only a meter away from me. A little gift from mother nature...

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