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And the greyhounds reached the beach.

Every year in October Dewey Beach welcomes a greyhound event called Greyhounds Reach the Beach and every year, friends of mine invite me to stay in the house they rent for the event for a few days. It is a wonderful way to get my beach fix, I love the beach, and spend time with friends and usually I bring one of my dogs. This year I decided to use the opportunity and do two shoots. Which meant that I was not going to bring any of my dogs since I was not sure how any of them would be doing being left alone. And so, I turned into the creepy lady asking strangers if I could photograph their dogs while walking on the board walk. And not just that, when checking on a possible location for pictures, I watched a wedding photographer doing her job in the spot that I had hoped to photograph also. Without her knowing, I got some great ideas from watching her. The shoots went well, what is not to love about pictures in those settings, right? But the picture I loved most from the weekend was not a dog, but a tiny little sparrow that decided to land only a meter away from me. A little gift from mother nature...

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