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The picture that provided me with my accreditation as a professional animal image maker had a title that was way too long and still, it worked. I already knew it merited and with 2 more merits, I had made my accreditation. But this photograph had 2 more surprises for me. It made the top 10 in the Dogs in Studio category and it won a Judges Choice. 2 more of my images merited, "Diana's Hound" and "I'm a giraffe. I even walk like a giraffe with a long neck and legs" Will let you guess which is which…

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Spring is a wonderful time to visit the Gettysburg battlefield, especially for those who are interested in photographs of their dogs amidst the blooming flowers and fresh greens. The natural beauty of the area is stunning, and the rich history of the site makes it an even more intriguing location.

One of the best things about photographing dogs at Gettysburg is the ease of access to the area. Located in south-central Pennsylvania, the Gettysburg National Military Park is just a short drive from many major cities along the East Coast. This makes it an ideal location for pet owners who want stunning images of their furry companions in a natural and historical setting.

The park boasts over 1,000 acres of scenic landscape, including rolling hills, meadows, and forests. In the spring, the fields and meadows come alive with an array of colorful wildflowers, creating the perfect backdrop for pet photography. With so much natural beauty to choose from, it is not hard to find the ideal setting for your pet portraits.

The wealth of history that surrounds the area adds to the experience. The battlefield is a significant site in American history, and it's not uncommon to see visitors exploring the park to learn more about the events that took place there. The park's visitor center offers a wealth of information about the battle, as well as tours and other educational programs.

It is however important to keep in mind that the park has strict rules regarding pets. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, and owners must clean up after their pets. Additionally, some areas of the park may be off-limits to pets, so it's important to check the park's regulations before visiting.

In conclusion, photographing dogs at Gettysburg in the spring is an excellent way to capture those stunning images of your pet amidst the natural beauty and rich history of the area.

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This weekend, after a few years of hard work, I reached one of my goals and became an Accredited Professional of Animal Imagery. From now on, I am allowed to put APAI behind my name. A few years ago I was encouraged to become a member of an on line community called, No Bones About It - a constructive critique photo forum exclusively for pet, animal, & bird photographers. This forum is for the professional animal photographer who wants to grow and learn. The beginning was hard, but soon I started learning to look at my own photographs and see the flaws, but also the good points. Part of the learning was entering my photographs in Print Competition which allowed me to gather points for my accreditation.

While competition was a few weeks ago, this weekend at the AIM conference (Animal Image Makers) awards were handed out and I received my accreditation (not physically yet, I could not make it to Minneapolis). Not only that, one of my photographs ended up taking

a top 10 place for Dogs in Studio and… a Judges Choice.

I have a whole lot of people to thank for their encouragement to pursue this

and for believing that I could when I thought I could not. Next step will be hopefully Master, but that will be in a few years.

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